Thursday, August 9, 2007

UPDATED: What You Can Do to Help Save Kenneth

As interest continues to grow in Kenneth's case, we wanted to remind visitors of what they can do to help the Fosters and the rest of the Save Kenneth Foster Campaign fight this gross injustice:

1) Learn about the case by visiting the Free Kenneth Foster website and reading any of the excellent news stories posted on this blog.

2) Join the Save Kennth Foster Campaign. Our weekly meetings are posted regularly on this blog.

2) Donate to the Save Kenneth Foster Campaign. Donations can be sent to:

To Save Kenneth Foster, #831766
Velocity Credit Union
P.O. Box 1089
Austin, TX 78767-9947

3) Contact Texas legislatures, encouraging them to pressure the Board of Pardons and Paroles and Rick Perry to grant a stay. You can fill-out a form letter through this link.

4) Write a clemency letter directly to the Board of Pardons and Paroles and Governor Rick Perry. Letters can be mailed to Kenneth's criminal attorney, Keith Hampton, who will hand deliver them. Keith's address is:

Keith S. Hampton
Attorney at Law
1103 Nueces Street
Austin, Texas 78701

5) Attend our August 18 event, "A Night in Solidarity with Kenneth Foster." It will be held at the Carver Community Center in San Antonio at 226 N. Hackberry (between Commerce and East Houston). Doors open at 5pm. Admission is $5 and will go to the continued work of the Save Kenneth Foster Campaign. The main speaker will be Mario Africa, who also gave a memorable speech at the July 21 rally for Kenneth in Austin. Musical performers will be Get Money Click, SLYKAT, Precise of Throedville Entertainment, Bubble Rap Inc., and Kenneth's wife Ja'vlin, featuring his daugher Nydesha Foster.

6) Attend the August 21 event in Austin. We will gather at 11th and Congress at 5pm and march to the Governor's mansion to make our voices heard!

The Court of Criminal Appeals decision was a setback, but by no means the final word in this campaign. We are in this to win. Join us as we continue the struggle to SAVE KENNETH FOSTER!!!!

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